Sunday, January 20, 2013

Technical Support

Sorry to everyone who has emailed me and I haven't responded... too busy, too sick, Internet is down, etc.

Thanks to everyone who has offered their support; there will probably be several things needed to get up and running when I arrive on Wednesday... I'll be posting stuff on my wishlist for those who are looking to help out.  You can also support our nonprofit organization in various ways as explained on this page: 

We may end up renting an apartment while things are settling, in which case we will need a rather wide support base.  Anyway, just for those who are interested; whatever will be will be.

I may go to Florida next month, especially if nothing materializes in Ontario right away.  Anyway, first things first... still haven't left Thailand.

Went to say my last goodbye to Ajaan Tong today; he happened to be coming for a ceremony at a monastery we happened to have visited a week ago, so we happened to get to sit and talk with him - me and ten or so lay people.  A nice farewell.

Tomorrow's my last full day in Bangkok, hopefully I can spend it packing and resting, still a bit not over the cold (silly name for something that was got in the heat of Bangkok...).   All is well.