Monday, January 21, 2013


Here's my flight info:

22 Jan 13 Bangkok, Thailand to Dubai, UAE
Tue    22 Jan 13 20:40 (BKK)
06 hr 50 min Boeing 777-300ER
Wed    23 Jan 13 00:30 (DXB)

23 Jan 13 Dubai, UAE to Toronto, Canada 
Wed    23 Jan 13 09:55  (DXB)
14 hr 10 min Airbus A380-800
Wed    23 Jan 13 15:05 (YYZ)

We'll be at Suvanabhumi around 5 PM today, if you are in the area.  I'll be at the Ibis Deira City Centre Hotel in Dubai from 1 AM to 7 AM on the 23rd in case you're in that area.  And I'll be at Pearson in Toronto from 3 PM on the 23rd until I leave for Sunderland (maybe an hour or more waiting).

Be well.


  1. Tom Fisher10:39 PM

    Bhante, Thank you for all of your right effort in teaching us the Dhamma. I will be thinking of you as you make your way to Toronto. I know you will keep us up to date on your latest adventure on the path. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

  2. Have a safe flight. May you be enlighted by this new spiritual journey. Thank you so much for teaching us the Dhamma. Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhisattva _()_

  3. Michael Jones1:23 AM

    take care and be safe ..... may all beings be happy

  4. Medhiṇī3:27 AM

    Be safe on the way!

    Lots of metta...

  5. ... and here too... how do we support YOU directly?

  6. Stefano Vaez Tehrani1:37 PM

    In case anyone is checking this before going to meet out Yuttadhammo on the 23rd at Pearson Airport, his flight has been delayed to 20:45.