Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back To The Country

Left the hospital yesterday, staying in a sauna / guesthouse on my father's farm in Brock-something-or-other.

Lots of adjusting to do, memories, culture, people, places, things.  Funny how little things like splitting wood or freezing rain can still hold such sway on the brain after so many years.

It's not just memories, though, there's something karmic-like about it all.  Spent five nights in the hospital and on our way out, heard a voice in the lobby say, "Noah Greenspoon?"  Yeah, that was my name twelve years ago.  Funny how certain people show up at certain times, like when you're walking out the door, they just happen to be walking in... if I didn't think karma responsible, I'd suspect foul play... by Mara perhaps?

Sorry, the jetlag and persistant cough has me still a little dizzy.  Still, the mind is quite at peace with the "Canadianness" of everything - Je suis Canadien and all that... it's in the bones, maybe. 

That's another thing to be reconciled, Canada meets Buddhist Monk.  There is hope they might lie well together, strange bed fellows though they be. And yet having been thrown together so violently this past week, I start to see how deep is the level of discord.  Which is another reason to be thankful for heading off to Winnipeg two Saturdays hence to stay with the Sri Lankan community there.  That will certainly soften the transition, though it does feel a bit like a cop-out.  I guess I'm still not ready to live on the streets of Toronto :)

Ah, me blabbering on when I should be meditating.  Peace all.


  1. Adam Whiteman11:22 PM

    I remember how weird it was to return from a year in Korea and the deluge of the old world (pre-Korea) onto the new me (post-Korea) upon my return. It is an odd sensation to be thrown upon your old world once again. It was this experience that made me question what is really 'home'.

  2. Home sweet home..
    Eventhough you are blabbering, you teach us something.
    Thanks for never give up in teaching :)

  3. My best wishes, bhante.
    Thanks a lot for your teachings.

  4. Juan Pablo5:16 PM

    Hi Noah,

    Glad to see you're feeling better and that you're coming to Winnipeg.

    A lot of people in the dharma group I'm a part of are really looking forward to seeing you.

    Take care and see you soon,