Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Story of Cakkhupala Thera (Dhammapada Verse 1)

I've updated the Cakkhupali story page to include the entire story. Check it out, it's a great encouragement for meditation practice on one of the most important verse teachings of the Buddha:

1. manopubbaṅgamā dhammā, manoseṭṭhā manomayā.
manasā ce paduṭṭhena, bhāsati vā karoti vā.
tato naṃ dukkhamanveti, cakkaṃva vahato padaṃ.

1. Realities have mind as forerunner, have mind as chief, are formed of mind.
If, with a mind corrupted, one speaks or acts,
because of that, suffering follows him,
just as a wheel the foot of the ox pulling the cart.

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