Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Still too weak to walk long-distances or even sit for a long time, but the green of the jungle is most reviving.

Dengue was a great experience - recommend it to anyone serious in the practice.  But what does it mean for running a meditation centre?  I feel more inclined to leave now, even though it seems for the first time there is real local interest in helping our organization.  How can you ask people to take a month off work to meditate when they risk spending half of it sick with dengue?  Or ordain and risk death from repeat infection (what i would face now)?

Dunno.  Canada is pretty green too.


  1. Tom Fisher11:28 PM

    and no malaria or dengue in Canada either

  2. Also, thinking some years or decades down the road, Canada will likely be in relatively good shape when global warming wreaks havoc elsewhere.

  3. Charline Cormier6:37 AM

    Yes Canada IS very green :)

    Take good care of yourself, be well and strong.


  4. czamora1948:17 AM

    Spain has no dengue and is warmer than Canada, hehe...

  5. CANADA!

    Much closer to attend something like that for we Westerners based in the U.S.

    Plus, no Dengue. Though we do have West Nile, which also is viral and unpleasant but...

    CANADA. (Or Colorado!).

  6. Why not Serbia? No denge, no malaria, not too hot, not too cold. But lot of interest in Buddhism :)

  7. Andria6:15 PM

    Hope you'll have a good recovery Bhante.

  8. manjula01239:18 PM

    You have done lot and opened-up our eyes last few years.
    Now, I think it's better to take care your self and focus of your own freedom.
    Canada looks like more familiar to you and lot of followers too.
    Take your decision later.
    But take care now.
    Physical body strength takes a while to be back.

    May the Buddha's life qualities bless you and take care of you!!!!