Friday, October 05, 2012


Well, so, it looks like I will be making a sort of move to Ontario next spring.  How quickly plans can be formed!  I have a friend whose apartment I can stay in, and already a few people in the nearby area offering to help get things going.

Can't say what this will mean over the long-term, but if all goes well we might find a new meditation centre spring up in the Great Lakes area.

Why Ontario, in the end?  Well, the offer of free accommodation is hard to beat, since it means I can be local at once while still working to set up a community.  Also, selfishly, it means no worries about visas or health care for myself - it also means I can eventually act as sponsor myself for international meditators, I think.  Finally, it's close to family, which is always a big plus for both them and me.

And, I guess one more thing, it's familiar.  Someone suggested not thinking about moving, recommending fighting with "the devils you know".  I can't help but feel like the Canadian devils are still more familiar than those I've met in Asia.

Anyway, it's still way, way far away and I still have to plan for Thailand, but this may mean I don't return to Sri Lanka after leaving.  If plans work out, I'll just fly from Bangkok to Toronto some time in February or March.

So, there's the update - if you're in Ontario, let me know/remind me, and I'll put you on a list for getting involved in starting up a group there.