Friday, October 05, 2012


Well, so, it looks like I will be making a sort of move to Ontario next spring.  How quickly plans can be formed!  I have a friend whose apartment I can stay in, and already a few people in the nearby area offering to help get things going.

Can't say what this will mean over the long-term, but if all goes well we might find a new meditation centre spring up in the Great Lakes area.

Why Ontario, in the end?  Well, the offer of free accommodation is hard to beat, since it means I can be local at once while still working to set up a community.  Also, selfishly, it means no worries about visas or health care for myself - it also means I can eventually act as sponsor myself for international meditators, I think.  Finally, it's close to family, which is always a big plus for both them and me.

And, I guess one more thing, it's familiar.  Someone suggested not thinking about moving, recommending fighting with "the devils you know".  I can't help but feel like the Canadian devils are still more familiar than those I've met in Asia.

Anyway, it's still way, way far away and I still have to plan for Thailand, but this may mean I don't return to Sri Lanka after leaving.  If plans work out, I'll just fly from Bangkok to Toronto some time in February or March.

So, there's the update - if you're in Ontario, let me know/remind me, and I'll put you on a list for getting involved in starting up a group there.


  1. Charline Cormier6:56 AM

    Thanks for the update Noah.
    I'm sure your family will be very pleased having you closer, you seem pleased with this also. Good news. Things seem to be falling into place for you :)

    Much love and respect,

  2. YES! I will definitely be happy to have you a little closer and I'm sure you will find much support in Orillia and area. Your community will find you wherever you go. :)

  3. Tom Fisher11:00 AM

    Bhante, Great news for you and your family and those living close enough to your new location to be able to participate. A safer, healthier and hassle-free environment for you to develop a Dhamma Center and Sangha. Also close enough to Pittsburgh that I would be able to visit next year when you are settled. Thank you for all the updates, and hope that you are continuing on the path to full recovery from the Dengue. Continuing to learn every day from your many wonderful postings on the Dhamma.

  4. Didn't know that you had dengue fever and that the old monk died...
    Just cought up with all news. Hope you are better now. Ontario sounds like a good solution. Hope you can settle there.
    How are Dhammadinna, Samaneri Jai, Bhante Anoma and Manju? All well or are more sick?
    Greetings and well wishes from Australia.


  5. I am wondering what will happen to Gallena Aranya. Will it be empty and abandoned or are there other monks continuing to live there?

    Kind regards,

  6. Always following your posts wherever you'll be,this last one is great and I have much to work on it, thank you.I am now reading a book by Achaan Sumedho :"The sound of silence" to help my solitary practice,this matches completely.Best regards from Italy.