Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Odds and Ends

Was given a ticket to Canada for April 3rd - no backing out now! If I wind up living on the streets of Toronto, be sure to look me up in that nice little park near Kensington Market.

Seriously, though, thanks to the donor who has done many things to make my work easier lately. And thanks to the people who have encouraged this move back to Ontario and offered all kinds of support; seems to be for the best - things are sort of ending here by themselves.

Still tired, or rather getting more tired lately. It can't be just the dengue, seems to be something like disinterest in everything. It's nice, I don't feel much like doing anything anymore :) On the other hand, the skin is peeling off my fingers and toes, so it may just be the dengue after all.

Ticket to Thailand as well, November 24th. Going with a Sri Lankan man; Bhikkhuni and Mae Chii going the same flight. Couldn't get a three month visa (need to go to the religious affairs office, yada yada yada) so I got two two-month tourist visas (yes, that's right, I'm a tourist in the country in which I ordained). Plan to take a bus to Chom Tong, stay one month, then one month in the forest, then leave the country for at least ten days (any ideas?), then back to Thailand for exactly sixty days until April 3rd. Not sure where I'll be for the second two months... may be helping with a parivasa in the forest in February. Sure to be posting updates here from time to time, though.

Internet is not playing nice, and something ate up all our bandwidth allowance again (maybe the broadcasts are more intensive than originally thought?) so just going to call it quits with live broadcasts until next year. Expect quiet from this corner of the Internet for a while.

Peace :)