Monday, October 01, 2012

Back To The Future

We agreed I'm going to the monastery tomorrow.  In the sense that they agreed they couldn't stop me.  Mara's termite is still eating my platelets, but the fever is gone again and it's time to return to the forest.

Tomorrow is day seven away so any more and i'd be breaking the rains.  Two yogis waiting and a Bhikkhuni coming tomorrow as well from Korea.  On top of all that, the old monk was here at another ward of the same hospital, in serious condition; I'd hoped to have a chance to go see him in a few days.  Now I get to go to his funeral instead - he died this morning.

So, the monastery will be different without him.   I'm thinking of the line from Joni Mitchell's Circle Game 'we can't go back'.  The past is fixed, but the future too seems predictable until it comes to show that it wasn't.


  1. Jerry Buzyniski8:14 AM

    Some joy...many tears. Stay strong.

  2. Time to Fortify the Mind :)

  3. How is the meditator who had fever?

    The old monk kept repeating your name for a long time when I went up to him and inquired for Yuttadhammo. He was somewhat senile even a year ago, hope everything is well with him now.

    Please rest well and take care.

  4. manjula01239:58 PM

    An example of 'sufferings of the world' from our great teacher.
    Take a rest. It will make your body stronger in this terrible situation.
    We wish you have a speedy recovery!!!!!
    May the triple gem bless you!!!!!
    Take care.....

  5. czamora1947:56 AM

    Please don't let a tradition make you take a bad decision about your physical health...!

  6. gajabha11:29 AM

    Being a Sri Lankan I'm really sad to hear this.
    You got to be the only real monk (except Ananda Maithriya Himi)
    I've seen after a long time in Sri Lanka.
    I wish our people understand the real value of you.