Friday, August 31, 2012

Unfinished Business

It's interesting to see all the unfinished projects piling up; makes me wonder, what am I doing wrong? It's silly, really, to keep taking on work, but it's all good work, so why doesn't it just get done?

Over 400 Dhammapada videos left, Cakkhupala and the Majjhima Nikaya translations, budgets from May to August, the new book... not sure if I left anything out, but these are the ones I remind myself about regularly.

I'm starting to think the biggest reason is it doesn't need to get done, and I know that. How can you convince yourself to do something when you know it doesn't really lead to the goal? I'm still under the impression they will all get done someday, but when I think honestly about it, I know they may very well not. Strangely, that doesn't really bother me. There is only one business that must be completed and we all know what that is. The rest is just details.

Just some musings... thinking out loud, I guess, and maybe trying to give a bit of an apology for being so scattered in my work. Maybe I need a secretary?

Anyway, lots of good things in the works - don't forget tomorrow's (Saturday's) Dhamma Group at 2 PM (UTC).

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