Friday, August 24, 2012

Two Million What?

Here's what YouTube says today:

Not really sure what to make of this, except to say that two million is a pretty big number - in a relative sense, of course. One thing that does come to mind is how this shows there is substantial interest in things I think worthy of interest, which is good news for people like me :)

Thanks everyone for your interest in what is truly interesting!


  1. jeevitha6:01 AM

    Dear Bhante,

    Many merits for heartiest hard-work you do in every way possible for the one who seeks Vimukthi through Dhamma. Looking forward to pay a visit and attend residential Meditation and Dhamma learning in the near future.

    May the Blessing of triple Gem Be Upon You!!


  2. Nicholas1:41 PM

    Today was the first time that I Follow you in a live video and I will not forgot this experience. I know than my english is not advanced but I am learning this language who is so important in our daily life because a lot of informations are in english today. I want to become a buddhist monk in the future. I think you'll be a good source of inspiration for me and for other people like me who are interrested in buddhism. Thank you for your presence and kindness. You have help me a lot with you videos.

    Best regards!

    Ps: And excuse me for my poor knowlegde in written english, well, I am good to understand.