Saturday, August 04, 2012


From the As-If-I-Didn't-Have-Enough-To-Do Dept.

This is something I've been thinking about for a long time... I'm really not just looking for new things to occupy my extra-meditative time, but given that so many of the Buddha's teachings are yet not available for free distribution in English, and that I'm always keen to study both dhamma and pali, I have undertaken yet another project, the completion of the Majjhima Nikaya in English. I'll be starting by translating the suttas that are lacking from, and if I every get finished that, I may just move on to make a complete compilation. No promises! Too many projects on the go already, but this is one that should take precedence, I think.

So, without further ado, here's the first translation, completed with a couple of hours of work:

Please read it over, tell me what you think, if you think this is a worthwhile project, point out errors, typos, stylistic problems, etc. Let's see how far this goes... I'm still trying to edit the book chapters, so I'll probably alternate between that and this, now that things are settling down for the rains (except for the rain, which is still noticeably absent).


  1. Dan Rooney6:02 AM

    I've just started thinking seriously about Buddhism so I'm not in a position to make many suggestions but -

    I spotted a repetition: "come to know the the answer to this speech".

    I guess this is deliberate because it's repeated but "away where is no grass" sounds a little odd. Is there an underlying peculiarity in the Pali which makes it better without a 'there'?

    That's a lot of commas!

    By the way, over the last few weeks I've been ploughing my way through your youtube channel. Thank you for doing all this. You've created a fantastic resource which is proving itself to be enormously useful.

  2. frankk10:27 PM

    Ven. Yuttadhammo,

    Sadhu! Besides first avoiding MN suttas already translated by Ajahn Thanissaro, please also consider first avoiding the suttas already translated by Piya Tan, a few selected Nanamoli/Bodhi translations that are available on access to insight licensed for free distribution. Suttacentral lists the ATI suttas that are freely licensed, Piya's MN suttas are here:

    Will you be using some kind of creative commons license similar to Ajahn Thanissaro?
    It would also be wonderful if you also publish some of the intermediate work that led to your final translation for pali students to learn from.


  3. Dear Frank,

    Thanks, I didn't know Piya Tan was doing translations... wonder why they aren't on ATI? Of course, I'll skip anything that's already on ATI, and I'll take a look at Piya Tan's as well.

    I haven't decided on a license yet... I'm kind of anti-license, myself. I'm giving these way, and that means really giving them. Insofar as they are mine, they are yours. I think that's my license :)