Saturday, June 16, 2012

Other Half

Touched down in Thailand yesterday, staying in Bang Keh, Bangkok. Teaching meditation to a few people, came with Bhante Anoma and Dhammadinna, a Sri Lankan eight precept nun, the newest addition to our monastic community. Dhammadinna's nun ordination was Thursday night, or Friday morning, not sure which, finishing after midnight. Bhante Anoma is off visiting a friend at Wat Yanawa, Dhammadinna is in meditation in one of the houses here.

Tomorrow giving my first formal Thai dhamma talk in many years, here at the place we are staying. It's not a monastery, it's a place for monks to come to stay and receive support from a group fo devoted Buddhists. Tomorrow is their weekly alms giving, and they invite a monk to give a talk as well. I'm looking to talk on the verse from the Mangala Sutta that goes:

"living in a suitable place,
having previously done good deeds,
and setting oneself on the right path,
this is the highest blessing."

Off to the forest next, and to see my venerable teacher for more guidance.

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  1. manjula012310:11 PM

    Please update some lessons, advices and haikus, because we have to keep our mind with you and the Dhamma.
    May The Triple Gem Bless You!