Friday, June 22, 2012

Extended Vacation

Just an apologetic note for being away so long without keeping up with online activities. It may be that in the future some of the work I've been doing will be given up in favour of a more simple life - the work is not an obligation, after all. Anyway, just thought to give some idea of the near future so people can stop emailing me asking when I'm going to make another video or teach skype meditation courses, etc.

We're in Chom Tong now, not too sure what the next two weeks will hold, but some combination of practice at Chom Tong and in the forest. Back to Sri Lanka around July 15th. Once back in Sri Lanka, one thing I really want to complete is the book project we started. I'm not so sure about videos, since it's always a bit complicated with the camera, microphone, batteries, file conversion and upload... not really conducive to a simple life. If there were someone there keen to act as technician, I might be induced to make videos on a more regular schedule; as it is, they seem more of a burden than a part of my monastic life.

Monk Radio will probably continue; I know people have been complaining about the single video format, but again, it makes my life simpler, that's how YouTube records the sessions, and so, take what you get... after all, it's free :) I stopped doing Skype teaching; it seems a bit excessive, and I didn't really ordain just to teach, after all.

Now that there are more monastics in our centre, it may be appropriate to do some off-line study; will have to see how keen the community is, and maybe there will be more exits - in the end, I might be alone there again... have to see the mood when I return.

As for the long term, there are still some unknowns (besides the big ones common to all existence), so I'll leave off speculations about after the rains. For now, the plan is to stay the rains in Sri Lanka, finish a rough draft of the book, do monk radio and maybe the odd YouTube video, and most importantly, keep meditating.

That's the plan.


  1. Good to get an update....driving Ben and Vivi to the bus after a great week long visit here...they are heading to see Lloyd and Cria today for another week. Abe and Reuben were here last weekend and we all missed you and thought about you too. Sending our love... :)

  2. Thank you for the update, Bhante. I think you are doing the right thing to reconsider how best to use your time, and know that very many people support your wisdom and decisions. -A