Tuesday, May 01, 2012

V is for Visa, Visa is for Visakha

Great news, we've managed to sort out the visa situation, finally getting a cogent explanation from someone in charge. It reminds me a lot of the postal situation here; absurd requirements, fines, and restrictions, until you learn from someone with their head on straight how it works, and then it is perfectly reasonable.

So, tomorrow, our two applicants will get three-month visas, near the end of which they will be able to apply for one-year extensions. This seems quite reasonable, and I am assured that the applicants do not need to leave the country.

So, two full-fledged samaneri and samanera ordinations are on for May 5th at the Ekayana Magga Aranya, which happens to be Visakha Puja (Vesak) in Sri Lanka. If you're in the area, or even if you're not, all are welcome to join and take part in the joyous occasion.

Also, just another reminder that we'll be away in meditation from May 8th to 31st, so Monk Radio, etc. will be put on hold - everyone needs a break :)

take these saffron robes
ancient banners of sainthood
blowing in the wind


  1. Sacca1:17 PM

    congratulations. may all be free from troubles.

  2. I like the "blowing in the wind" part.

    I will wait to send you a parcel...since you'll be away on your birthday.
    Don't forget to send me the best mailing address to make sure things arrive on your doorstep.

    Safe and happy travels