Friday, May 04, 2012

T is for Tired

The most tiring experience I've ever had is the realization that one's work has been totally in vain. This morning was especially tiring, back in Colombo for the sixth time in a month, secure in the knowledge that our meditators wouldn't be getting residence visas without returning to their countries first. It had all been a lie. That's tiring.

We've argued, pleaded, and reasoned, and nothing worked. Everyone tells us something different, and scolds us for listening to anyone but themselves. The funniest part was the situation between the immigration and the Buddhist affairs department; each insisting that they would help us if it wasn't for the other, and getting angry at us for pointing out that the other was saying the same thing. Talk about feeling like a kid caught between two quarreling parents...

But finally, today, submitting the documents to the immigration, I happened to remember to ask the controller whether, please, please, is there any way he could send the documents to Thailand instead of their home countries? Surprised, he replied, "Yes, I can send them to Thailand, no problem." And all is solved again.

So, ordination tomorrow evening as planned, then off to Thailand for intensive meditation followed by a visa hunt in Bangkok; four robed seekers of truth and freedom - the seeking of which is never tiring.

Be back in June.


  1. Wow, interesting turns in that story. And now... such a cliffhanger. :)
    But no, glad that everything seems to work out after all. So I can await the next episode with good hopes and best wishes. May the force be with you all! Today will be a great day. :)

  2. gamma2359:09 AM

    A test of patience for sure. You'd think that the Sri Lankan government would want to encourage foreigners to study Buddhism there. My friend in Thailand had a similar experience with a Thai university. After completing all of the requirements he needed to graduate, he was unable to get his diploma and transcript because the records were lost in the floods.