Sunday, May 27, 2012

Life's Surprises

When we were young, me and my friends always demanded that at the very least life not be boring.  Once I began meditation, I think they abandoned me mostly out of fear I had succumbed to the worst possible fate: a boring life.

  Really, nothing could be farther from the truth.

They say boredom is lack of attention, and there is more to this saying than meets the eye... once you begin to pay attention, life begins to change in the most exciting ways, until you may finally find yourself sleeping in fields or under picnic tables, for example.  There should be a warning for potential mediators: WARNING!  MAY CAUSE YOU TO RENOUNCE THE WORLD!  Scary thought for most people.

No picnic table last night, left our field for the city.  Found, or rather were found by, a wonderful place behind a shopping mall that has been for 49 years a place for monks to receive alms, rest from travel, and give dhamma talks to the community of lay people.  Trees, water, wooden buildings, it's like being in the jungle.  No roads, the entrance is now a space in the wall around the shopping mall.  Plans to return to teach here next month for a few days at least.  A happy surprise indeed.

But first back to our home Sri Lanka.  Apologies for being so out of touch... I've been given a small tablet computer (even monks here have iPads, so a small Android tablet/phone is not really out of place) so I'll hopefully be better equipped to respond to questions, monk radio, etc.  Last night I tried, but poor internet. 

I understand now that we will be three returning; Phalanyani has been invited back to Wat Rampoeng.  I think it is for the best, really; the forest life is not easy, and I can be demanding in my requirements for monastics.  I have joined in wishing her all the best, and hope that she find a place where she is able to settle down and find peace.

I wish the same for myself, and for all of you :-)

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