Monday, May 07, 2012

Home Again

Where is home?   A complicated question on many levels :)

More busy than is really healthy of late - still managing to squeeze in our meditation sessions, so no real harm done, I think.  Sorry we haven't been more active on the Internet forum, but it's probably always going to be the first to suffer from such busyness.

Ordinations on World Peace Day (Buddha's birthday) were a great success, especially considering the last-minuteness of them.

The two upper new kutis are almost habitable, should be fully finished by June.

We'll be in retreat until May 19th, then off to Bangkok, Thailand trying to get visas for our new novices.  Back here for June.

home again today
tomorrow and yesterday
every moment  home

1 comment :

  1. Thought about you all day today...on your birthday. :)
    Hope you were in good company and had a happy day...wherever you are at the moment.
    Safe travels.
    Love you.