Thursday, April 05, 2012


Lots to talk about these days... if only talking were a way to become enlightened :)

Visa problems for potential monks; the general consensus is you need to return to your home country after practicing with us in order to get a special visa to ordain (with our help). The upside is this will weed out some of the uncertain applicants - you have to either be a return meditators or a dedicated individual to go through all the trouble to leave and come back.

Once that is all out of my hands, I hope to make good the promise to get back to teaching, especially since the organization is really coming together, both locally and abroad. Lots of support both materially and actively, thank you everyone for your good intentions, we will try to make the best use of all the support.

Already the Dhammapada videos have developed a schedule, we should be able to produce two or three a week, which is nice. Hopefully in the next days more chapters from the book will be forthcoming (from my end, I mean - I've already received over twenty files for editing).

The Dhammapada videos have had a nice side effect; changing the time of our group meditation to suit the sunlight has meant that people from the local community are interested in joining. The first day, they even braved scattered rain to do walking meditation. Today no rain, only some mosquitoes near the end - tomorrow we'll try to set up mosquito nets for the sitting.

Went to see Bhante Dhammajiva again; tried to invite him to make a special guest appearance on Monk Radio, but he's too busy teaching himself. He wants to set up something similar for Nissarana though, so maybe our experience can be of help.

useless words are darts
harming all, one's own self too;
well-aimed words bring peace

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