Wednesday, February 08, 2012


sukho buddhānamuppādo, sukhā saddhammadesanā.
sukhā saṅghassa sāmaggī, samaggānaṃ tapo sukho.

Happiness is the arising of the Buddhas; happiness is the teaching the righteous truth; happiness is the harmony of the community; happiness is the exertion of the harmonious.

-- Dhp. 194

Yesterday was the full moon day, and we got everyone together up on the slab for a group practice; everyone means me, Nagasena, Jens, and the Yogi from Holland, Rachelle, as well as the two Sinhalese men who stay over night and keep eight precepts, and Tarindu, our Sinhalese maybe-monk-to-be.

Also started giving short talks before the meditation, here's from last night:

The downstairs rooms in the new building are almost finished; in a few days they will be livable, and in a week the bathrooms should be working.

Other news, we ran out of water again yesterday, and a group of supporters of Nissarana Vanaya came to offer their services to set up a water filtration system for us. Today we patched up the well and it seems to hold water better now.

looking everywhere
where it went, when it will come
until it finds you

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  1. Keep posting pictures and love your haikus. :)