Thursday, February 23, 2012

Study, Practice, Teach

Went to meet Venerable Katukurunde Nyanananda on Sunday (missed Monk Radio for it). Really nice monk with a really nice monastery... might be a place to take a retreat sometime soon...

Sunday an old meditator from Doi Suthep came back, which is quite heartwarming - eight years later, after all.

Rendering another video for kids on how to meditate, should be uploaded today some time. Dhammapada video today too. More daily talks, group practice, and now we've added an hour of memorization to our daily routine - means, everyone not on course has to spend an hour a day memorizing something. Small price to pay, I think, to live in such a forest as this :)

find the way, go there,
bring back news of what you find -
study, practice, teach