Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Funny thing about writing a weblog is that when there is time to write, it is because nothing worth writing is happening. When there is something to write about, no time.

Lots of going-ons lately; many new meditators in February, rooms almost ready - in the next few days we will have three new bathrooms, and the upstairs rooms in my kuti will be finished.

The well ran dry yesterday, no rain for a couple of months already; we need to dig a new well, not sure if we have the resources for that. It is supposed to rain within a month, so we'll just have to see.

Lots of other small things; a new cloud server for the weekend broadcasts should allow us to have uninterrupted sessions, though the chat function is still not confirmed; site has switched to a new server engine, and it seems to be handling memory better. Some hiccups on the website as a result, though; if you see anything that is broken, please let us know.

The baby squirrel died; I think I either overfed it or gave it hypothermia bathing it. A sure sign I made the right choice in not becoming a mother.

Oh, one other thing, we've started an offline schedule; 4:30 AM meditation, 10:45 daily chanting, 7:30 PM meditation. I know, it's not much, but it has made a difference for our small community, keeping us more focused and building a feeling of community that was lacking - has been lacking for much of my monastic life. Nice to see things are coming together.

Ah, and we went to meet Bhante Dhammajiva at Nissarana, finally. I have to say, he is the most impressive monk I've met here yet; highly worth the visit. He is neither pompous, overbearing or aloof; he immediately entered into friendly but pertinent conversation and gave us much to think about, and an invitation to travel with him to visit Bhante Katukurunde Nyanananda (the other Nyanananda) when he goes with his students. Much averse as I am to travel, I'm happy to go at his suggestion. He also offered support of requisites, since they receive far too much for their monks; maybe we can help him with his burden :) and he promised to send us a quotation on a water filter for the monastery (which someone has already offered to donate).

On the way back from Nissarana, we stopped in at the female monks' residence, both because I wanted to see how they are arranging things, and because there is a male monk from Austria living there. We didn't meet the Austrian monk, but talked a bit with a Sinhalese monk. I asked him about the Bhikkhuni situation, and what he thought of Bhikkhuni ordination in general. His words were quite apt, I think; he said (approximately, from memory), "well, we have all these rules, the teachings are there... it would be a real shame if it were not possible to put them to use."

busy is the world
busy body, busy mind
mind your busyness


  1. Good update.
    Sorry about the squirrel....but I did have to laugh at your comment.
    I don't know about being a mother...but as long as feeding and bathing wasn't involved, I think you'd be a great father. :)
    Thanks for using your un-busy time to tell us what you did when you were busy!

  2. Great Haiku this week :-)