Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Back online again for this weekend... just been busy with the monastery and things, trying to take time for meditation, but construction was finishing up this week, which kept my attention. The construction workers built too more rooms, we received four sets of the Tipitaka in three different languages, and a tree fell on Jens. Pictures of all but the last... we were too busy picking up Jens. He's okay, though... to bad about not getting the picture. Here's some of the pictures we did get:

and a video, too.

Today Jens found two baby squirrels in the bathroom. They're in a box now, but there's not much confidence they will survive. Have to get them some milk, I guess...

So, study and monk radio this weekend, then.

In the meantime, another Haiku:

the creative mind
building up and falling down
uncreate the mind

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  1. Squirrels : We used to rescue many of them when we were little. Gave powdered milk.
    It was OK that is how I remember. Make sure they don't have rabies. They could carry Rabies without showing any symptoms.