Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Today our monastery is empty... Bhante Anoma took Nagasena and Jens to Ratanapura, Phalanyani left for Thailand, and no meditators until February.

Last night, the workers finished the second floor slab that will become the new bodhi terrace - this morning I went to walk on it for the first time, and indeed it feels sure to be a great place to meditate under the bodhi tree. But, it too has brought emptiness - the monastery bank account is now almost empty again, after months of solid construction and repair. Soon, that construction will have to stop for the time being.

So, it seems an ideal time to pause from the Internet as well; this weekend we will not be having our radio or study sessions; daily meditation is now on hold, and I may not be checking email regularly for the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, here's Haiku #2:

living life in full
fully present, fully here
filled with emptiness


  1. Hope you have a good couple of weeks without the need to do anything. I'm sure a break will be good and I look forward to your "return" to cyberspace.
    Like your Haiku two, too!

  2. Hope you'll enjoy your little break.