Monday, December 12, 2011

Bhaddekaratta Sutta Gatha

Just a "for-the-record" post, so I can come back to it again. Many translations of this important passage, none just right for me, so here is my own translation. Also, always nice to share dhamma.

Let one not go back to the past, nor worry about the future -
for the past is gone and the future unreached;
but which phenomena arise here and now, let one see clearly into them all.

This is unconquerable, this is unshakeable; knowing thus, let one so devote oneself.
Today, indeed, should one strive at the task; who knows whether death comes tomorrow?
There is no bargain to be made with him, Death with his great army,
But one who dwells thus ardently, day and night untiringly,
Is said by the peaceful sage to have had a blessed night.

-- MN 131

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