Tuesday, December 06, 2011

And We're Off

Turned ten on Sunday, and within twenty-four hours had ordained a student as a novice. Nicolas Chavez became Nāgasena Sāmaṇera. If you haven't seen the video yet, here it is:


If you'll notice, his robes are decidedly orange... fortunately, they were cotton and there was dye in the monastery, so we spent the rest of the day boiling dye and making his robes more, well, monkish.

This morning we had three on almsround, so I took a new route; tomorrow we start our rotation, changing routes every day; seems in line with the Buddha's teaching to not create attachment on either side:

yathāpi bhamaro pupphaṃ, vaṇṇagandhamaheṭhayaṃ .
paleti rasamādāya, evaṃ gāme munī care.

Just as a bee in a flower, disturbing not the beauty or scent,
escapes with but the taste; so fares the sage in the village.

-- Dhp 49

Today we took the first steps towards a yearly visa extension, signatures and such; Thursday off to Colombo to get the remaining signature and actual visa.

So, we're off and, well, walking anyway. Two new bloggers and respective blogs on Sirimangalo.Org to mention:




All is well in the forests.

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