Friday, November 04, 2011


Yesterday's YouTube video was pretty badly misted up, and today's started out all foggy as well. Getting some serious thoughts that the video camera donated by students in California four years ago is dying a slow death. Peering into the camera's snout, it turns out that there's actually some nifty-looking fungus growing inside the lens, hence the "fog" in these two videos. First thought, of course, was to find a screwdriver. Not finding a screwdriver small enough, next thought was to research whether opening a camcorder up with a screwdriver was a good idea. It's not, apparently. Also, it appears that fungus inside a lens is a very bad thing; fungus being able to actually eat glass and all.

So, problem. May have to stop with the YouTube videos until another solution comes up... maybe the webcam will work?

Adding "camcorder" to the wishlist.

Update: looks like it's not the fungus itself that is causing the fog; just the humidity. Put the camera out in the sun for an hour, seems like all is good... until the fungus starts eating the glass, I guess.

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  1. norma gonzalez1:25 PM

    Hi Yuttadhamo, Do you have Already a new camera to make your videos? I know it's very important for us to continue learning. Please let me know, to see how to help. Have a blessed day. Norma