Tuesday, October 11, 2011

End of Days

The rains ends today, officially. Nicely soaked on alms round this morning, though, and the on-off rain pattern that hasn't changed much the whole year seems quite likely to continue. The thing about endings is they are just as well called beginnings, as long as there is more left undone.

And that there is. Ten rains have I now - we had an argument about this recently; is it ten rains, really? Probably not; the word vassa is also used for "year", as in "paripu.n.naviisati vassosi?" (are you fully twenty rains old?), the question asked of a candidate for ordination, twenty being the minimum accepted age. So, ten monk rains is probably Dec. 4th for me. At any rate, the first thing it brings to mind is the next ten years... seriously, isn't it funny?

Also, finally got around to setting up a page for my quotes collection... makes them easier to find when quoting someone. Thought it might be nice to share them as well, so here's the link:


Oh, and one more thing - I'm ditching the "Noah". Kind of sad to part with it, but it's confusing, not the least to me, to have two names. So, only one now. Yuttadhammo. Simplify, simplify.

Sotthi hotu.

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