Saturday, September 17, 2011

Update September 2011

Yesterday two meditators arrived from different parts of the world; one from Canada and one from Romania. The one from Romania is a returnee, and she asked, "what is the maximum allowed stay?" It can only be a good sign when return meditators ask such questions :)

We have no maximum allowed stay; if you're practicing properly, the longer you stay the better... Accommodations are always going to be a problem, though. We are making steps to improve this; the bathrooms are now usable, and the outdoor meditation area is too. Here's a picture of the meditation area, if you haven't seen it on Google+ yet:

and here are some of the bathrooms:


We're also putting a ceiling into the kitchen today. Next, we'll fix the steps to the upstairs cave and Bodhi tree, and start on the new kutis... if only the workers will come!

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