Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Visuddhimagga - Path to Purification E-Book

Edit: fixed the link.

Just finished re-formatting the Visuddhimagga for display on an eReader. The formatting should be good for eReaders, and it should also be fully Unicode now. I've updated the page to include HTML and Mobi (Kindle) formats. It is here:

Path of Purification: Visuddhimagga
Treatise on Buddhist Meditation of the Theravada Buddhist school. Translated by Bhikkhu Nyanamoli. Online edition by Buddhist Publication Society (, in cooperation with Access to Insight.

Thanks to those who worked on this; it is great resource for all of us :)


  1. can't open the link,,,:(

  2. How strange, it works for me...

  3. It's an ePub file... you need an ePub reader to read it. Otherwise, just get the HTML version:

  4. If you use a Kindle, there's an application called 'Calibre' (free to install) that will convert ePub format to Kindle friendly Mobi format. It works very well (I just used it).

  5. I use Stanza on my iPod to read ePub files, I only get a blank screen when I try to open it. But thx for your efforts anyways!