Saturday, August 13, 2011

Slowly But... Well, Slowly Anyway.

You may have already seen the sketch of our kutis-to-be and wondered why there has been no other update on work here. The reason is, there has been no work here lately, the construction workers having disappeared before the bathrooms were finished, and we're still waiting to get tiles to finish them. Things move at their own speed here :)

We decided to build a twin kuti to start, since we've got about that much space in the lower cave area. As it is, we'll have to extend the foundation a bit, but no big difficulty. Now if only we can get the engineer to come and begin work. The kind man who has taken over the engineering work had to take care of a mudslide at a factory, and says he will be back some time this week. If so, we will begin work soon. In the meantime, we have to make a trip to get some tiles and arrange for someone to come and put the doors on the bathrooms and install electricity.

It's not really a problem that things are going slowly, as long as they do move along, which they are. The Internet projects are enough work on their own, so no need to look for more. The Dhammapada videos, especially, are quite a task; the current estimate is two years to complete, with no interruptions.

So, all is well, peaceful in the forest. The sparrows above my mosquito tent are still coming and going as they please, I chased two bats out of the upstairs cave today and transported about twenty termites one by one into another nest. Live and let live, but,

"Friendship with evil let the good eschew,
The good, who know what duty bids them do:
They will work mischief, be it soon or late,
Even as the elephant his master slew."

-- Jataka 161

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