Wednesday, July 13, 2011

State of the Monk

If you've been keeping up with my going-ons, you know that we have two new bathrooms almost finished here. Roof is on, floor concrete is poured, all that's left is plumbing and finishing.

Tomorrow is the full moon of Asalha, the anniversary of the Buddha's first sermon. Radio sessions are scheduled into the weekend. See the radio page for times. I'll also be leading the group of locals here, I think, which will be fun given my persistent lack of any substantial knowledge of the Sinhala language.

I just realized I have to move into the new kuti that was built by the head monk in two days. Is being built, I should say... last I looked it wasn't finished. Sleepable, though, for sure.

That's about it. People contacting to come and meditate, more kutis on the way, all in good time.

I go on alms every day, meditate, teach, work on the DPR, etc. Here, life is simple.

May all be well.