Sunday, July 17, 2011


From the What-Will-They-Think-Of-Next Dept.

Google just rolled out a new feature for Google Calendar, and like many of the things Google does, it fits right into the lives of millions, this monk included. The feature is called "Appointments", and it goes like this: someone (me) creates one or more appointment slots on their Google Calendar, and someone else (you) clicks on a link (the link) that brings them to the appointment page where they can schedule an appointment.

The plan is to use this system to allow meditators and newcomers a chance to talk one-on-one about their practice or their questions in regards to the practice of meditation and the Buddha's teaching. We'll probably be favouring Skype for the sessions, so if possible, get that before you sign up. And please give advanced notice, don't sign up for a session right before it starts, or I'll probably miss it.

If you didn't get it above, this is our link:

which takes you to this less pretty url: ... I

So, sign up, and I'll try to confirm appointments as able. If your appointment hasn't been confirmed, but not canceled either, I still may be there. We'll have to see how this works - it's new, so bear with us.

If you can't possibly fit into this schedule, but would like to take advantage of this resource, send me a note and we can try to work out another time.

May this be of benefit to the world in some small way. :)

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