Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Small News

Jetlag is ending, meditators are coming, building is... still not happening.   Supposed to have a meeting today to arrange pre-rains repairs and hopefully at least one new accommodation. 

People are asking to come throughout the fall, which is nice, considering we're still not fully up and running.   One meditator is here now, in the downstairs cave, which is really our only meditator room.  I have a 12'x12' tent someone could stay in, it's even got a floor.  Also a smaller monk tent that is really good quality, for the braver meditator.

I'll try to fix up the sirimangalo.org site soon, right now it's a bit of a patchwork quilt spanning several years worth of stuff.  News for the centre should go to sirimangalo.org/news, if you're interested.  The roadmap for now is bathrooms by the rains and one new kuti by winter.  Sounds doable to me.  For those expecting more sooner, please understand that building in the forests of Sri Lanka is a bit more challenging than one might assume.  Patience is a must, as with everything :)

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