Friday, June 17, 2011


Just got Internet back now, so here's the update.

Back in Sri Lanka.  At first sight, not so encouraging... I arrived on the full moon day of Poson, said to be the day Buddhism arrived in Sri Lanka, over 2000 years ago.  Auspicious, yes... but there are more demons here than before.  It appears that the accepted method of celebrating the Buddhist holiday by the general populace is to get stinking drunk and wave Buddhist flags at passing vehicles.  I kid you not.  They have added an 'i' to Poson, it seems.

But this wasn't so surprising, and of not such great consequence; the world is drowning, that's nothing new.  Coming from the West it was more depressing than anything to see that even the sacred (sri) island is sinking, to an extent.  We must make islands of our self, to be sure.

Coming back to the cave is rejuvinating as before, and my spirits are much restored, even with the jetlag.  Almsround resumes as normal, the people here glad to have me back, which is reassuring.  All that's left is to get set up to receive visitors. 

Somehow, though, the coincidence of arriving on Poson sticks in the mind; not as pride or arrogance that here again a special person has come to the island, but as a reminder of why we are here, and the work we have to do.  It's always nice to think of those who have come before, and the sacrifices they have made for our benefit, to keep us going on our path to purification.

May all be well.

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