Friday, May 27, 2011

Moving On

My stay in Winnipeg is over; in Ontario now.  If Winnipeg was a reminder of the familiar, Ontario is the familiar.  The nature here is still very much a part of my psyche; both the positive and the negative (mosquitoes registering strongly in the latter) evoke feelings and memories tucked away and given up for lost.

Winnipeg was nice; could have been better prepared, but one day I surely will be.  Certainly, not a great teacher by any means, but there's a feeling that something positive was done, and that's enough.  For those wishing to share in the happiness of the week's goodness, the events were as follows:

Friday, a talk mostly wish younger Sri Lankans, a chance to impress the benefits of meditation in regards to study.

Saturday, Vesak celebration, a talk, a teaching on walking meditation, another on sitting, a question and answer period, and a Vesak message.

Sunday and Monday, day courses with 27 participants.

Tuesday, a talk at the Peace Pagoda near the Trappist Monastery ruins by the river.

Wednesday, a funeral with Bhante Saranapala from Toronto.

Thursday, a talk at the Manitoba Buddhist Vihara.

Besides these, many opportunities to share the dhamma with the Buddhist community there, and a invitation to return some day.  All in all, well worth the trip.

So, now on the back nine, two more weeks vacation, then back home to the island cave.  I'm staying with my father in Sunderland, Ontario.  Many trees, birds, etc.  The cold, dry air brings much energy back along with the memories; meditation here will be worthwhile too.

And, yes, a chance to respond to questions and hopefully make at least a few videos.

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