Sunday, May 01, 2011

Closing Time

Well, thanks for all the feedback, everyone. I certainly wasn't looking for appreciation, but it is always nice to hear there are people benefiting from the work one does.

The funny thing is, with all the appeals to the personal benefit of other people, it only seems all the more rational to give up working for benefit of others in favour of one's own personal benefit. I wasn't really looking for reasons to keep the website up either; there are too many reasons to give it up at this point.

Running a website doesn't have as much to do with spreading the dhamma as people think; it has more to do with exim4 paniclogs and apache2 MaxClients, as I've learned. If someone were to come forward with basic knowledge of such things as ssh and htaccess rules willing to maintain the beast, it wouldn't seem nearly as burdensome to post articles and audio files on it every so often.

But there's more to it than that, even. Running the website means running a non-profit organization backing it. The latter has become as much of a burden, though not to me, and I'm not really willing to push the work of IRS tax returns &c onto the board members who seem to have little interest in my work any more. So, the non-profit is going, too. That's where it stands right now; all of these burdens about to be shoved off into oblivion from whence they came. Aho, sukhaṃ.

This may be the last post here, depending on how things go; there are still places like Facebook and YouTube where I can post things, so no need to worry. MP3s may be a little more troublesome, but we'll see.

Ah, and here are my travel details, for those who like to know such things:

May 14th: Colombo - Bangkok
TG 308 0140h - 0635h

May 14th: Suvannabhumi Airport

May 14th: Bangkok - Los Angeles
TG 794 1930h - 2135h

May 14th - May 19th: 600 Woodcreek, Moorpark, CA

May 19th: Los Angeles - Edmonton
WS 1423 1205h - 1611h

May 19th: Edmonton - Winnipeg
WS 184 1830h - 2114h

May 19th to 27th: Manitoba Buddhist Vihara

May 27th: Winnipeg - Toronto
WS 528 0900h - 1216h

May 27th - June 3rd: Toronto area

June 3rd - June 10th: Rochester, New York

June 13th: Los Angeles - Bangkok
TG 795 2320h - 0640h

June 15th: Suvannabhumi Airprt

June 15th: Bangkok - Colombo
TG 307 2225h - 0015h

There are still some unknowns in there:

  • getting from the LAX airport to Moorpark

  • getting from Toronto to Rochester and Rochester to LAX

  • almsround in Toronto - Chinatown?

but that will all sort itself out one way or another. Visits are welcome, if you're in the area.

May there be peace for all beings.


  1. b_o_b_b_y_410:35 AM

    Are these travel dates group meditations or something? I live near Rhinebeck and would be very interested in attending.

  2. b_o_b_b_y_410:38 AM

    **Correction, I live near Rochester, not Rhinebeck lol

  3. You're welcome to visit while I'm in Rochester; I don't have anything planned there, and I don't have a missionary visa required to teach in the USA.

  4. b_o_b_b_y_42:26 PM

    Sounds good. I'd love to visit anyway, the Ask A Monk videos you make a very informative and it'd be great to be able to just talk about stuff like that in person.