Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Refinement of character; giving up expectations, preconceived notions of propriety. 

Walking barefoot in a world of footwear.

Accepting the jeers from the local 'ganstas' and men in trucks.

Meeting with recognition from YouTube, and just for being a monk, which is perhaps fashionable in queer sort of way.

Knowing today you may not eat, but walking anyhow because there is the chance, and food has a purpose still.

Receiving some food at least, and in the strangest of ways. 

Teaching meditation to people on the street who may never put it to real use but at least, you think, they will try.

Almsround in Toronto; quite a story, but not much to say.  Very little in the mind besides walking... miles and miles of walking, and a little food to make it seem not so odd a pastime after all.  All beings need food.

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