Monday, April 04, 2011

Life in the Jungle

Not much to say, just an "I'm not dead yet" sort of post...

We did our first Uposatha here a few days ago, the first in a long time for this monastery. Recited the Patimokkha in brief, out of sympathy for the old monk with diabetes. It was nice to have a traditional meeting of the sangha; no pretension, just a bunch of monks.

Some visitors, monks, lay people, mostly just me and the monkeys. I feel blessed to have this sort of solitude; it is amazing to think one could long for company when there is so much peace to be found in being alone.

It won't last long, of course... I'll have confirmation soon on the trip to North America; once I get that, I would like to take a trip to one of the meditation centres nearby to undergo a course of some sort. That's the sort of company the Buddha recommended, I think, supporting each other in their solitude.

And then there's the Ask A Monk videos... I'll get to them eventually. Also making a video tour of this place, for people interested in coming to meditate. Wondering how that will fit with the solitude; it seems justified to open the door to other people, though; why should I be privileged to such a life and not allow others the opportunity? Anyhow, all in good time.

May all be happy.


  1. mpower6:14 PM

    Thank you for the update and continue to enjoy the solitude.

  2. imani willis4:37 PM

    There are people, most people ive ever met in my life actualy, which derive there worth from the minds of others and so are miserable in solitude. People think im bitter when i tell them i enjoy being alone. But the only thing making me bitter is trying to justify myself while avoiding insulting them :/

  3. imani willis4:40 PM

    Im not dead yet good one! But may your ego die soon.