Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Have Bowl, Will Travel

Heading to Colombo today, be it the will of the gods or not. Sounds from the rumbling like it might rain, but I say, rain, rain-god, if you will:

“nāhaṃ bhatakosmi kassaci,
nibbiṭṭhena carāmi sabbaloke.
attho bhatiyā na vijjati,
atha ce patthayasī pavassa deva”..

"Employee to none am I,
with my earnings I travel the whole world.
Need for wages there is not,
so rain if you will, god."

-- Snp 1.2

Hoping to spend the night in the Mahadevi Park, and then off to the post office to pick up a robe and a mosquito tent among other things... yes, wrong order of events, I know. C'est la vie... du sans-abri.

Et je ne voudrais pas l'échanger pour un autre.