Sunday, February 13, 2011

Caves, Monkeys, & Monks

Who could ask for anything more? It's too early to tell, but I'm settling in here. I would have settled up on the mountain as well, but this place is more convenient in the end, and I've got my own cave after all...

Also, this place may be mine to build and care for... the monk who "owns" it wants to give it to me. The phrase "too good to be true" comes to mind...

Here's a picture of the outside of the cave... it's been converted into a kuti, so not all that difficult to live in.

And here's the guy who lives upstairs:


  1. Dear Ven.

    I finally managed to get this account running after long. I am really happy you have found such a great place to live, it looks wonderful! I hope you will find peace and happiness. Btw. What more could you ask for than a good neighbourship ( ;

    Once again, thanks for everything - I think you are setting a great example, leading to much inspiration, wisdom and goodness when practicing the teaching. I could not have been practicing as so, without I think.


  2. stevesbaby10:11 AM

    Nice, I read a book about a nun that lived in a cave in tibet for 12 yrs. Her cave was really nice and all the local people really loved her. Your neighbor looks nice he is very cute, there are lots of stories about monkeys protecting monks. Hopefully he is a good friend.

  3. howard6:04 PM

    Venerable, it's so awesome cool to live in a cave like this in the picture.It is a real test of survival. Makes me want to support you living in the cave - excellent for meditation and seclusion. Also saw your wishlist on those requisites you need. Would like to support you by sending you those stuffs except the wireless leper microphone (i think it's not easy to get one, so temporarily can get you an MP4 for recording). Your YouTubes are helpful in understanding the dhamma on realities of life. Stay cool & be safe.