Friday, January 21, 2011


Probably I will get some negative feedback for this, but hey, who's to judge? Many people ask me if there's anything I need. I can rarely remember at the time, and it seems that even if I can, they are quick to promise and then forget or just forget without even promising when I tell them what it is I need. So, to make it all simpler, I'm putting a list of things I need, either for my personal life or for the work I do, on my weblog. The link is here:

If you really would like to help me, you are welcome to send me something on this list to the address given. Please let me know if you are going to send something, so I can confirm that it is still needed. I'll try to update the list when things change. As it is, the only thing that really sticks in my mind is mosquito repellent, as my room is slowly becoming well-known as a feeding ground among the creatures.

"Isn't there someone to supply what you need there?" Strangely, no, there is not. Everyone here is very busy, and it's almost comical how many times I've shown my arms and legs to the people here and have them respond sympathetically only to offer no help besides, "send love to the mosquitoes" or "close your door after six pm." I've been offered half-a-dozen times to have the gaping holes above the windows (why put glass and locks on the windows if you're just going to leave gaping holes of equal size above them?) to no result. There is apparently this mosquito repellent that one plugs into the wall like air freshener, but I have yet to have it materialize after many offers to donate some from various sources.

Other people have asked whether I don't have a mosquito net over my bed. The problem with the mosquito net over my bed is 1) my feet stick out the end, 2) when my arms touch the sides, as they seem to do quite often, the hordes of mosquitoes buzzing around it all night go right to work, 3) because there are hordes outside the net, when I go in or out, one or two seem bound to follow me in. One or two mosquitoes, of course, is more than enough. Must be a karmic debt I have to pay... I've killed more than my share of the creatures in my day.