Saturday, January 22, 2011

When It Rains...

... things fall out of the sky.

I was joking with my mother last night that I wish I needed more things, to satisfy those who want to support me. This morning on alms I was stopped in my tracks, and for a brief moment couldn't piece together the significance of what was lying at my feet. Eventually, the cognitive process kicked in and started putting the pieces together:

A mosquito coil. There is a mosquito coil at my feet. That has some meaning... What does it mean...? Think, think, think... Hey, I need a mos... OMG. A mosquito coil. At my feet. Can I pick it up? Is that against the rules? If it is considered a treasure, it is against the rules. If it is considered garbage, it is not against the rules. Think, think, think... Is that mold on it? Must be garbage.

I must say with some chagrin that this is a first for me; I'm not one of those monks that is lucky enough to have things falling out of the sky (besides real rain) on a regular basis. Just when I thought I was doing everything wrong, I must be doing something right. Now if only I had something to light it with... [peers up at the ceiling]