Monday, January 10, 2011

Majjhima Nikaya Quotes, Continued

Now that I might be settled down a little, hopefully I can get back to some of the more important things in life, meditation and study. The meditation part cannot be shared, but as part of my studies, shared with all of you, I'm continuing a quotable Majjhima Nikaya, though I imagine my choice of grammar is still a bit stilted. Anyhow, here's the latest addition. For the rest, see the MN Highlights page.

"yaññadeva, bhikkhave, bhikkhu bahulamanuvitakketi anuvicāreti, tathā tathā nati hoti cetaso." - "Whatever, o monks, a monk thinks of and about frequently, thereto inclined becomes his mind." - MN 19

"ahaṃ, bhikkhave, addasaṃ akusalānaṃ dhammānaṃ ādīnavaṃ okāraṃ saṃkilesaṃ, kusalānaṃ dhammānaṃ nekkhamme ānisaṃsaṃ vodānapakkhaṃ." - "I, o monks, saw the danger of unwholesome dhammas, their baseness and defilement, and the benefit of wholesome dhammas, their association with purity and renunciation." - MN 19

"seyyathāpi, bhikkhave, gimhānaṃ pacchime māse sabbasassesu gāmantasambhatesu gopālako gāvo rakkheyya, tassa rukkhamūlagatassa vā abbhokāsagatassa vā satikaraṇīyameva hoti 'etā gāvo'ti. evamevaṃ kho, bhikkhave, satikaraṇīyameva ahosi 'ete dhammā'ti." - "Just as, o monks, when, in the last month of the hot season, all crops have been stored in the village, a cowherd would guard cattle, aving gone to the root of a tree or to the open air, there being need only for mindfulness that 'those are the cattle'. Just so, o monks, there was need only for mindfulness that 'those are the dhammas'." - MN 19

"āraddhaṃ kho pana me, bhikkhave, vīriyaṃ ahosi asallīnaṃ, upaṭṭhitā sati asammuṭṭhā, passaddho kāyo asāraddho, samāhitaṃ cittaṃ ekaggaṃ." - "Resolute indeed, o monks, was my effort, and unshaken; my mindfulness established and unconfused; the body calmed and unagitated; the mind composed and one-pointed." - MN 19

"avijjā vihatā vijjā uppannā; tamo vihato āloko uppanno; yathā taṃ appamattassa ātāpino pahitattassa viharato." - "Ignorance was dispelled, gnosis arose; darkness was dispelled, light arose; so it is for one who dwells vigilant, energetic and self-intent." - MN 19

"iti kho, bhikkhave, vivaṭo mayā khemo maggo sovatthiko pītigamanīyo, pihito kummaggo, ūhato okacaro, nāsitā okacārikā. yaṃ, bhikkhave, satthārā karaṇīyaṃ sāvakānaṃ hitesinā anukampakena anukampaṃ upādāya, kataṃ vo taṃ mayā. etāni, bhikkhave, rukkhamūlāni, etāni suññāgārāni; jhāyatha, bhikkhave, mā pamādattha; mā pacchā vippaṭisārino ahuvattha. ayaṃ vo amhākaṃ anusāsanī" - "So indeed, o monks, opened is the path of safety, of well-being, for going to drink; closed is the useless path; pulled out is the male decoy, destroyed is the female decoy. What, o monks, should be done by a teacher wishing for the benefit of his students, by a compassionate one out of compassion, done for you is that by me. There, o monks, are the tree-root dwellings, there the empty huts. Meditate, o monks; don't be negligent - don't be regretful later. This is our instruction to you." - MN 19

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