Monday, January 03, 2011

Island Hermitage

Turns out the monastery I'm at is nicknamed "Duwa Pansala", which apparently means just that - "Island Hermitage". Auspicious, in a way, given the importance of this name for Western monks in Sri Lanka. The reason for this nickname is that the monastery is surrounded by rice fields - as you can see from the satellite image in my last post, it does look like an Island.

Things are still a little unsettled here, waiting to see if getting a visa is as easy as they say, learning how to fend off mosquitoes (they don't put screens on any windows here, and leave gaping holes above all windows for air circulation and, yes, mosquito transit), and getting a bit sidetracked with activities like videotaping monkeys and patching up the DPR.

As to the monkey bit, it's because I get hordes of bananas most mornings on almsround; one of the lay people here reminded me that monkeys do indeed like bananas, and so I've been feeding the monkeys. Here are some stills from the monkey videos - not sure if there is any use to the videos; my original intent was to use them as an intro to a video or maybe do a video compilation as a backdrop for some teaching on craving, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort. Anyway, here's the monkeys:

I'm debating walking back to Colombo today or tomorrow; it's only about 14km. I told them at Sri Sambodhi I would be back on the 2nd or 3rd, so I'm late.