Friday, January 28, 2011


I've been given notice that tomorrow morning we will go to see the new forest monastery/meditation centre. [And there was much rejoicing. "Yaaaaay."] No, really, this should clear up something about my future here. I'll take some pictures, maybe a video. May this finally lead to something lasting and real.

Other news, I'm happily mosquito-free; turns out the monastery here is next to an open sewage canal, and that's the reason for so many sewage-breeding, blood-sucking insects. With netting over the holes in the wall, the room feels more like, well, a room. Considering all the rest of the rooms in this building have air-conditioning, I can't agree that this makes me indulgent.

Was drug out to Polonnaruwa on Thursday; a six hour road trip, one way. As I look through google, it seems there actually were reasons to go there - we didn't see any of them. I gave a short talk to some soldiers, then we went to distribute food and necessities to flood victims. Not really monk business, but wholesome nonetheless. Still, I have to keep reminding myself not to get suckered into these long trips, that cause vinaya problems and just waste time in general.

There are some videos on the way, but it seems the editing crew upstairs is a bit backlogged. I did an Ask A Monk video for the Buddhist TV, but it's probably better to switch back to making the videos myself, rather than waiting for them to edit them. I do so need a better mic, though. Maybe I can borrow one of their $600 sennheisers?