Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sri Lanking

A bit of a whirlwind here, this World Fellowship of Buddhists conference just ended, not that I really attended much; was prompted to get up in front of the podium and suggest that they include some meditation in the itinerary, and they invited me to lead a guided meditation session, only to cut me off half-way through. I skipped most of the conference after that. Yesterday I tagged along to Kandy to see the Buddha's supposed tooth relic, a highly anti-climatic affair that fit in with the rest of the conference.

Learning quite a bit about Sri Lankan culture; staying at the home monastery of Sri Lanka's "The Buddhist" television channel, next to Colombo's Vipassana meditation centre where I have been doing some meditation and meditation teaching to a few interested Sri Lankans.

Heading to Anuradhapura on Saturday, then I'll be relocating to a more stable residence in the capital city of Sri Somethingsomething Pura.

Today's Internet is courtesy of one of my new meditation students, via unlimited mobile broadband connection. It is quite fast, but there is some kind of throttle imposed after 4 GB of data transfer, so maybe I won't be uploading so many videos from here. Good for email though.

More when something interesting happens.

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