Friday, November 26, 2010


Finally some semblance of an Internet connection, after a bit of an ordeal trying to set it up. Some updates:

  • I'm still impressed by Sri Lanka in general, despite some silliness. The people here are just people, but they are quite Buddhist, at least culturally. I'm wondering if the reason I'm impressed is not because they are more Buddhist than Thai people, but that they are more Western. Food for thought. It may be too early to tell, but I can sure get along with these people, for the most part. I have a theory that says there is a one-month honeymoon period anywhere you go that makes everywhere seem like heaven. Only after the 30th day does the reality of the place show itself. I have another theory that says this is why they only give foreigners 30-day visas in many countries.

  • I want to apologize for not responding to e-mail and also for limiting the use of this weblog to terse updates and random postings. I never intended this to be a teaching tool; I'm far too busy these days to find time for that, and the medium is far inferior to audio, video or especially real-life teaching, which I am engaged in most of the time. So please understand, this weblog has its purpose, for updates and the like. It is not who I am or what I do. And for those of you waiting for replies to email, please understand that I get far too many to respond to these days, especially with limited Internet. Hopefully these updates combined with my YouTube teachings will suffice as an alternative.

  • Now for the real update. I'm staying at Sri Sambodhi Viharaya, the location of my last video. The head monk has already got me teaching on their Buddhist television channel ( ), which I started this morning. They do all the editing, and I should get a final product to upload to YouTube in a couple of days. But the real plan is he wants to build a forest monastery with me as the head, in time for the 2600th anniversary of the Buddha's enlightenment (next May by the Sri Lankan reckoning). If this works out, maybe the plan for the centre in America will be shelved, at least long enough to see how things go here.

  • I am heading back to Thailand, though, but only for a week or so, to pick up a few things left behind, and invite Ajaan Tong to the opening of the forest monastery in May. I will be in Thailand from Dec 9th to 16th, approximately.

  • The final plan is to ordain 100 monks in time for the monastery opening, and the head monk here asks for five applicants from other countries. Please submit applications if you are interested, along with a bit of a CV or biography.

  • I'm updating the book on how to meditate, so a new version should be up on the website in a week or so.

That's all, best wishes to everyone, and keep meditating.


  1. Pooja1:51 AM

    Can women ordain?

  2. Maybe as a Saamanerii... I can find out if you like.

  3. Pooja6:01 PM

    Saamanerii, does it mean a novice?
    I seem to be the only woman applicant then! I will pass it for now