Saturday, November 27, 2010

Maha Kassapa's Room

Moving up in the world... literally, upstairs. Really getting along well with the head monk (actually the only resident monk) here; he really appreciates meditation and vinaya - not sure his own practice, but he's happy to have me and I'm happy to be here. Tonight he moved me into a more comfortable room, though lacking an attached washroom. It's on the second floor (first floor, I'm told, as they don't count the ground floor; some British thing...) so few mosquitoes, and best of all, it happens to be the room of Maha Kassapa. The head monk has got the idea of having a mural painted in each room of this floor of the pagoda. Besides Maha Kassapa, there is Sivali (his room), and Sariputta underway, with future plans for Mogallana and Ananda. Anyway, this is for those of you demanding useless photographs. Hopefully the one of Mahakassapa in the Pipphali Guha is of more use than uselessness...

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