Saturday, November 13, 2010

I ♥ SL

Honeymoons are funny things... I've only been in Sri Lanka for 24 hours now, and already I'm being given invitations to run meditation courses, start meditation centres, even an invitation to teach in India by a great-nephew of Anagarika Dharmapala himself. Tomorrow the World Buddhist Congress; I'm really content to just take it day-by-day; I don't have anyone or anything waiting for me anywhere it the world (save some loose luggage in America and Thailand), so let the honeymoon wear itself out and let's see what this country brings. If they give me a free monk visa, it will be difficult to refuse a prolonged marriage.

Lots of funny stuff happening, but I'd rather let it happen than spend my time encouraging others to live it vicariously, so just a short update here. The funniest part of my trip so far was when I had to fill out the arrival card and one of the questions asked "Country of Residence". I laughed out loud on the airplane, surrounded by Chinese monks who spoke no English.

Speaking of residence, here's my current address if you're in the area and planning to visit:

The 2000 Plaza, No 25
New Hospital Road
Sri Jayawardana Pura
Sri Lanka

The computer is encoding my first video from SL as I write, so expect that on YouTube within the next day or so.

Peace, love and happiness to all :)

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