Saturday, October 23, 2010

Religions Venn Diagram of the Day

Courtesy of, I think this speaks for itself... not meant to encourage pride, but maybe good for a smile:

Religious Venn Diagram


  1. ew12345:43 PM

    That's cool.

  2. Pooja6:47 PM

    ha ha checked it myself ;)

  3. JackHighlander7:29 AM

    this is awesome. i laughed so much. you'll never guess who else is happy, though. mormons! although they are so weird, stupid, & secretive, they are also so nice, hot, happy, good-looking, attractive, rich and successful. sounds like a decent trade off to me.
    another couple of interesting tidbits is that nothing at all comes up for hindus or jains; jehova's witnesses are just plain weird.

  4. JackHighlander8:59 PM

    totally forgot to add: it's funny that this diagram came from an atheist website. according to google, while atheists are awesome, plus simultaneously smart and stupid, they share most of their vices with christians & muslims: they are stupid, angry, intolerant, mean, hateful, & annoying. plus they're arrogant & rude.
    these are probably the sad non-buddhist atheists, though :)